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I'm 17. I live in California. I love to meet new people who are fun to talk to. I am very friendly so feel free to message me anytime I will always reply. Just a warning I do post some expicit content. I'm a little sarcastic, follow me on twitter and you will see that. Here's my twitter if you would like to find me:@LifeOfBrittney7
I love photography, longboarding, tattoos and many other things. Most people ask about my music preferences and I usually say everything because I love music. My headphones are in 24/7. Once agin you can ask me anything whether its about myself or a random subject.
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A picture I took towards the beginning of the year. Still like it a lot:) #football #enterprise #hornets #jv #photograghy #photo #flashbackfriday (at Enterprise High School)
Due to the time difference technically your birthday doesn’t start till midnight here but it is already the 16th in Idaho and I just wanted to say happy birthday to my best friend and sister! Thank you so much for being born and becoming friends with me. I don’t know what I would do at school and in yearbook if you weren’t there. I love you so much and I hope you make the best of your 17th birthday!😍 I can’t wait to celebrate with you and all our friends on saturday😊
#sac #zoo #flamingos #birds #adventure #animals #pink #pretty #sacramento #spontaneous  (at Sacramento Zoo)

ppl in africa are dying

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#night #nightout #sac #sighttosee #theview #perfect #photo #photograghy #oldsac #trip #adventure #joescrabshack  (at Sacramento, Ca)



your life hasn’t been completed until you see giraffes fighting 


you’re welcome

i thought they were partying

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if i ever see any of you in public, the code is


that way we know we’re from tumblr without revealing anything

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